Mecom Industries Corp. is specialized in metal cutting coolants, accessory lubricants and cleaners. Companies are located in Taiwan-Taoyuan,Taichung and Gaoxiong, to serve international and local name blands in multiple industries.


With advanced technology, we develope vegetable oil based metal cutting coolants, which has advantage against traditional mineral oils, has rapid growth in sales in automobile and transportation industries as well as machinery parts manufacturing.MCM is determined by industry to be a unique company with advanced theory and technology.

To comply the environmental requirement from EC, MCM was one of the first batch companies to obtain ROHS approvals with full product line. We help our customers to create environmental protection image and ‘green production’ technology, so that competitive capability is increased.

Business Philosophy

Our Goal & Commitment & Action:

Continue development: With development in Taiwan and Main Land China, we follow customer needs and growth.
The most professional supplier in metal cutting coolants: The best partner to industries.
Service net-work in Asia: Service in all directions.
Provides unique vegetable based cutting coolants to make ‘green ’ production possible.
Provide approved products: Full product line has achieved ROHS approvals.
Represent highest quality: Advanced fully automatic production lines.
Get rid of the pressure of oil high cost and high-priced: Best cost control to provide lower price to customer, hence greater competitiveness.
Our services in the Greater China region and the regional R & D and testing center are as follows
Eastern China
South China
Fuzhou and Xiamen