Gear Oil


This product is only used for sealed gear lubricants.
This product can be divided into two categories:
MECOM GEAR OIL ZN Series: Moderate extreme pressure, general load gear oil.
MECOM GEAR OIL SP Series: Lead-free extreme pressure oil for helium gears and high load gears.

Meike technicians have a belief in the development of this series of products; the use of the lowest viscosity oil can still provide effective gear lubrication. Its benefits include low-energy absorption of cold-cars that are easy to start, reducing the energy loss of agitation, and faster gear shifts during high-speed loads. For these reasons, the MECOM GEAR OIL series uses high-viscosity index oils, so it is widely used. Within the operating range of the specification, a good initial viscosity can be maintained.




Gear oil containing a small amount of additives, including wear-resistant additives, has anti-oxidation, anti-rust and defoaming properties. This product will not rust bronze gears or worm wheels, and is fully compatible with synthetic rubber seals. Suitable for applications that do not require full pole pressure.


Extreme pressure gear oil for industrial gears without lead. It is a high purity mineral oil with sulfur-phosphorus compound, which is resistant to wear and extreme pressure. It has better thermal stability and oxidation resistance than the general lead-containing cycloalkyl type gear oil. This product has good water resistance, emulsification resistance and low foaming tendency, and will also be provided on the metal surface. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion protection. It meets the stringent requirements of modern gear oils for a variety of applications, and because it does not contain lead, it also meets environmental protection standards.